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Excessive stress, emotional & physical trauma and environmental pollutants are significant influences on the functioning of all our essential physiological systems.  Acupuncture and yoga are traditional methods used by many to help repair and heal themselves.


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I am an acupuncturist and yoga teacher and I have been working in both disciplines for over 10 years. Gradually, they have started to overlap and influence each other in the way I approach my work. I teach group yoga classes on a regular basis across London. I also offer private sessions, in which I offer yoga and acupuncture either solely, or in combination. This is tailored to your individual needs. The two disciplines complement one another very well as methods for facilitating health and well-being.

Acupuncture and yoga have inspired me to explore techniques and methods of healing. In turn, I want to share my knowledge and experience with you, to help you be more connected with yourself. My approach is light-hearted but also has a serious intention of assisting towards your goal.

I am currently studying Deep Body Work also known as Postural Integration with Silke Ziehl. The training is a creative combination of fascial body work, gestalt therapy techniques, acupressure and the Chinese five elements to facilitate someone through a process of change.



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Marion's Yoga classes are a breath of fresh air. However she does it, she is nothing short of great fun and isn't that what exercise should be all about?



Some months after having undergone major shoulder surgery, my surgeon suggested yoga as part of my rehabilitation programme. I started my first class with some trepidation - I was still very weak on my left hand side, naturally concerned about aggravating a highly sensitive area and a complete novice to boot. However Marion was incredibly attentive and patient, modifying poses so as not to put the affected area under too much stress. Her attention to detail was second to none and the classes had a huge impact in aiding my recovery. From initially not even being able to hold plank, 2 years on I have the strength and confidence for poses including crow, forearm balance and headstand.



Each of Marion Rollings's classes and workshops is an adventure in yoga: she uses her instinctive knowledge of asana to take her students on a mini voyage of self-discovery. Clear and detailed focus on muscles and joints builds awareness and allows progression into movements that challenge at a deep level. Original, brilliant and inspirational - Marion Rollings is a yoga star.



I like the themed afternoons that focus on one area of the body or way of moving. I really appreciate your clarity, your detailed attention to each person and our questions, and also the variety of work we do, and how the preparation at the beginning of class builds into the theme. It’s also a great friendly atmosphere.



After years of yoga I have never felt so in touch with my body and in tune with my breathing as I have during Marion's classes and in particular during her workshops. They are a full immersion into yoga which, given the longer time available, allow for an intensive work-out with a very clear focus, real depth and a wonderful flow. Whether focused on the arms or legs, on posture or balance, I have found Marion's workshops to be a most rewarding, energizing and enjoyable experience. She is an inspiring teacher.




I know Marion 4 years now. I've been going to her classes and lately her workshops.

I like the way she teaches and her technique. She is highly skilled and attentive and every workshop is different, creative and intensive into healing and relaxing. Several times I've just relaxed so much and have fallen asleep.

It is her enthusiasm, her presence her voice, the way she teaches and every time we finish a class I have a buzz and say to my self, God Bless her!

If you like Hatha Yoga you will love Marion's yoga. Look no further.

For me it is impossible to go to any other yoga class anymore.






I found Marion's holistic and intuitive use of acupuncture very effective and I emerged after a series of treatments feeling a renewed sense of wellbeing. Her approach is extremely insightful, and seamlessly considered both physical and psychological issues which was very important to me.



I first had acupuncture from Marion after I had a miscarriage in 2008. I soon became pregnant again - she was brilliant at listening to me and responding with a big warm heart and her thoughtful needle placement. I worried that at age 40 I was unable to hold a pregnancy successfully, but I did - which I attribute to Marion’s acupuncture. At the end of my pregnancy I saw Marion again and within days my labour began. Lately I have been making appointments with Marion for stress and anxiety (kids really are demanding!) and feel such a huge relief afterwards. I tried acupuncture with different practitioners many years ago and I found it pleasant but never had the same level of effectiveness I experienced once I found Marion. She is a goddess of empathy; she is genuine and skilled. I highly recommend having a treatment with her.



Having never tried acupuncture before I was a little sceptical.  However I limped in with a running injury in my knee and walked out with no pain or limp.  Marion fixed what physio had not and I now recommend her to everyone I know.



Marion is a fantastically intuitive medicine woman. She doesn't completely realise the power of her touch and energy which is part of the charm.

I have received many sessions of acupuncture, cupping and bodywork which helped me to recover from injury, relax and maintain a balanced state of health.

I have also practiced yoga with her for many years and always find her warm and grounded approach accessible and fun.

She also makes fantastic flapjacks after workshops.